- DEMON is issued from a belgian-french collaboration. It has been funded for an equal support by the belgian FNRS and the french IN2P3. It has been designed and conceived by a collaboration consisting of four laboratories including IReS.

- DEMON stands for tecteur Modulaire de Neutrons (modular neutron detector). It consists of a hundred individual large size liquid scintillator cells which characteristics allow to acceed to the angular and energy distributions of the emitted neutrons over a large energy range. The associated electronics has been developed in the VXI standard. A proton rejection system (SYREP) is used to avoid proton contamination in the neutron spectra. DEMON is usually associated to master detectors.

- DEMON has been conceived essentially to study the reaction mechanisms. But it can also be used in many other domains.

- DEMON is managed by a scientific committee (CSD).

DEMON at the Vivitron, Strasbourg, France (96-97)

keywords: neutron detection, reaction mechanism, fusion, fission, dissipative collision, neutron halo, interferometry

This page has been written by L.Stuttgé ( Louise Stuttge)
27 May 1997